1. How does it work?

ECOFIREPLACES works with a liquid bioethanol specially developed and licensed for this end. It does not produce smoke, inhalant waste or smell. CO2 emission is very low, less than the equivalent of our breath.

The liquid bioethanol is poured directly into the ECOFIREPLACES burner. It can be filled up to certain level depending on the desired time of burning and the type of fireplace (recommended up to 90% of the capacity).

The ignition is simple: just touch a flame in the liquid bioethanol poured directly into the ECOFIREPLACES burner. We recommend the use of the lighter. Do not use matches inside the fluid compartment because they may alter the quality of the flame. Once lit, the blue flame will slowly grow and burn consistently with a yellowish coloring.

To extinguish the fire, replace the cover. Any leftover fluid can be reused and, if you wish, add more before re-ignition. Leave the compartment with the leftover bioethanol to cool before refilling (30 minutes is enough).

Clean the ECOFIREPLACES burner every 3 to 4 uses to prevent staining. This will ensure that your fireplace remains looking brand new.

2. Is it possible to use any type of Ethanol?

Ecofireplaces recommends only the use of BIOETHANOL, a special Ethanol developed exclusively for fireplaces that produces no smell, smoke or soot.

Ecofireplaces is not responsible for damages caused to health or to the units by using other types of fluids.

DO NOT use ethanol from gas stations, common alcohol or gel, fluid oil, any other petroleum derivative, nor alcoholic drinks.

3. Where can I buy bioethanol?

We indicate the bioethanol of e-NRG, follow the site to buy: https://e-nrg.com/us/en/.

4. How long does the bioethanol last?

Usually it provides 2 hours of burning per liter. This time decreases to 1 hour per liter, when fireplaces with round burners are used.

5. Does it heat up well?

The small and medium burners also heat the space where they are being used, always in proportion to the size of the space (they heat on average 10 m² to 20 m²). The bioethanol burns through flames, and so produces heat. The intensity of the heat will be determined by the type of fuel (in this case bioethanol) and the size of the burner per square meter. The larger the fireplace and the volume of Bioethanol it holds, the more heat it will produce. The weather is also a prevailing factor for the heat it can have variation of up to 10 ° C. The small burners also heat up in proportion to the size of the space where they are being used, in other words, mainly in a smaller space.

6. Is it necessary to replace the burner?

The burner made of stainless steel is a permanent unit and will not need to be replaced. Simply clean regularly.

7. How can I check prices?

Prices of our products are available through our e-commerce USA site (https://store.ecofireplaces-usa.com), or send us an e-mail requesting a quotation indicating the fireplace reference found on the products page of the website, and we will reply promptly.

Contact Seller: Thereza Leme LLC 305-878-0708 Therezaathie@gmail.com

8. How can I know the dimensions of each part?

Just check the Products page on our website and access the technical specifications of each model. If you need more information, please contact us.

9. What about installation?

Some are portable fireplaces and do not need any type of installation. Simply remove them from the packaging, follow the assembly instructions and the instructions on how to use the bioethanol and that's all!

The built-in fireplaces, as is the case of models ECO 1, ECO 2, ECO 3, ECO 20 and ECO 21, ECO 35, ECO 36, need a niche to fit the pieces (a technical template is provided at the time of purchase). This niche can be made at the work site, or by a carpenter (in the case of wood), a marble professional or a simply fitting in small stones or pebbles.

10. Can I use ECOFIREPLACES outdoor?

Yes, you can use both inside and outside your home. In outdoor areas, a protective cover is used against water, leaves, and insects.

11. Can I use essences in the bioethanol?

No, essences should not be mixed with bioethanol. They may be placed near the fire in heat resistant containers.

12. Can I roast marshmallow or cook any other food in the fireplace?

We do not recommend baking marshmallows or cook any other type of food in this kind of fireplace, as it may fall inside the burner causing smoke / smell and resulting in possible need for service and maintenance.

13. How is maintenance done?

The ECOFIREPLACES Burners are made of 304 stainless steel and can be cleaned externally with a cloth moistened with WD40.

Use only dry cloth on the inside. We do not recommend any type of abrasive products or solvents, which can alter operation.

The fireplaces do not require any type of maintenance, provided that a product for the burning is recommended by ECOFIREPLACES,

ECOFIREPLACES is not liable for the improper use of any cleaning or burning products.

14. How long does the warranty?

The ECOFIREPLACES fireplaces, have a manufacturing defect warranty of 1 year after purchase.
In case the fireplace is being used with a combustible product not recommended or inadequate, it will damage its perfect functioning, thus voiding the warranty.
Improper handling or misuse are also causes to void the warranty.

15. How are Ecofireplaces shipped or delivered?

Deliveries will be made by common carrier and freight charged separately.

Please refer to the packaging dimensions, and ensure the item requested has access to the premises.

Delivery Charges

A surcharge fee will incur on larger, heavier or fragile items due to higher transportation and handling charges and for requiring additional delivery support. This additional charge will be informed and requested approval prior to shipping.

Receiving your Ecofireplace

When you are notified that the item(s) are ready for delivery, we ask that you receive it within 30 days.

At the time of purchase, please notify Ecofireplaces of any special requirements necessary to ensure a successful delivery. This includes: specific times, restricted delivery times due to local laws, access to locked entrances, insurance for high-rise buildings and condominiums, multiple flights of stairs and elevator reservations, among others. Note that these items will be added in the freight amount.

On the day of the delivery

All our fireplaces are portable and may be delivered at your front door.

Please note that the fireplaces will not be unpacked and will not be handled for demonstration.

We ask that you inspect all items included in the order upon receipt.

An authorized individual must be at home during the scheduled delivery to accept and inspect the items and sign the delivery receipt.

In case of any imperfection observed at the time of delivery, Ecofireplaces will replace the item if it is still in stock and within a period of up to 30 business days.

16. How does the return policy work?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact ECOFIREPLACES to return or exchange your product.

Returns or exchanges will not be accepted in case when fireplaces have been lit up (used with non recommended fuel), are not in their original packaging or have been improperly handled.

After delivery of the product to Ecofireplaces, the item will be inspected for evaluation and eventual exchange. Any credits or refunds will be issued at the purchase price.

Any taxes collected will not be refunded and any taxes generated by the exchange will be applied.

Delivery rates are non-refundable, except in cases of manufacturing defects or transportation damage.

ECOFIREPLACES reserves the right to refuse returns or exchanges of items that are not in such new condition due to damage caused by improper use.

17. Order Cancellation

For all orders canceled prior to shipment of items, no delivery fee will be charged and deposit will be refunded.

If you choose to cancel your order prior to delivery, your deposit will be refunded.

If the order has already been sent, the delivery and return rates to Ecofireplaces will be considered according to the Return Policy.

If you decide to cancel a return and keep the item after the reimbursement has been issued, we will charge your credit card for the refund amount issued.

18. Clearance

The fireplaces purchased in clearance are considered Special Sale items and cannot be returned or exchanged.

19. Prices and Information Exemption

Our goal is to provide accurate prices, delivery rates and be transparent with all other information.

All prices are in US dollars and subject to applicable taxes, in accordance with state and local laws.

Availability, pricing and delivery rates are subject to change.

There may be errors in the prices, descriptions or images of certain goods; and we reserve the right to restrict requests for such items and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.